Solutions to Increase Visitors on your Websites

Good traffic is qualified visitors from search engines. This method is a simple technique to increase visitors to your website. You may be tired to make a good article but have no visitors. It is because you are drowning in sea articles of the search engine. Of course you’ve ever experienced it. It can happen because you are so ambitious to look for keywords with many competitors regardless of your ability to compete in cyberspace. There are two factors that cause your quality article does not violate the rules of Google and have empty visitors. The first cause is that your keywords destination indeed is not available in Google search engine. The second cause is the keyword that you take is too tough in competition. The solution that I will offer is actually a simple way. However, it can increase visitors to your blog or website very quickly. The trick is to do keyword research with free tools.

For example, you pursue keyword titled Political News. In Google, it may make more 14,000 visitors come to your website per month. However, you will have the heavy competition level to compete with the major media. Are you able to compete with the major media? Are you able to earn hundreds of thousands of backlinks? This is why your article is disappeared in a sea of ​​cyberspace. Your article has no visitors because they cannot compete with the already well-known major media. Make survey articles without keywords to increase visitors, not based on data, and only by feeling make the visitors empty. Creating articles that have many visitors quickly can be done by doing research keyword first. You make a nice long article without doing the survey can results failure. It is because your keywords have too many competitors. Besides, the keywords that you aim are nothing in the search engine such as Google. A treasure for bloggers is when finding keywords with a lot number of visitors but the level of competition is low. There is a tool that can research that keyword and the level of competition. One example to increase visitors is called keyword revealer tool. In the past few months, it was closed. However, now it is opened again.

The way you register is by completing a full name, the name of the username, password, repeat password, email address, and write posts on captcha. Open your email admin then see the link provided. The trial version is valid for one month and every day have a chance to do research for three keywords. Sample keywords and its difficulty are low competition. Once you scroll down to view the articles, you have been successfully occupied the first page of Google and it looks heavy competition to increase visitors. Keyword Revealer is proved worth by creating a blog. The contents of the article make hundreds of the visitors every day. The disadvantage of this tool is the keyword that we get with a lot number of visitors and few competitors sometimes do not take control in that area so it’s hard to make a good quality article.

The second way is the simplest way. It is to look for keywords with little visitors each month. Try to use Google keyword planner. Choose it from searching per month on average 10-100 to increase visitors. After that, find the level of low competition and the recommended empty bid column. This method is suitable for beginners and already has a niche blog. Just multiply the number of articles with a little search volume. Do not dismiss this method because it has the advantage. Your articles with no visitors from the search engines will be considered well. The second is when the quality of your article will rise to a level of 100 – 1000 searching.