How to Increase Visitors and Get More Organic Readers

organic traffic

Visitors to your blog are very important and very crucial for the sustainability of your blog or your online business. Why not? Imagine if you write a blog article but no one noticed or nobody visits your blog. Of course this is very uncomfortable. Okay, here are some ways to how to get visitors and to increase visitors to your blog.

You can be a guest on the website from famous writers. Being a guest writer on other websites is certainly not just a hobby of writing. However, you can make it as an entry point for other people to come to your website. Your website may not have been known. Writing on the website sometimes is like to do writing for yourself. It is not to be enjoyed by others because they do not know the existence of your website. Therefore, there is no harm in writing on websites that are well known or have the high enough traffic for you and at least for the readers of other websites. Usually if it is read, people will see who the author of this interesting article to increase visitors. If there is a link to your website on a website where you write, of course he will click and go to your website. In addition to becoming a guest author on another website, you can embed your website link on the website. It this can provide a good backlink to your website rankings. One website that you can use to write place where you can be a guest writer and put bio and website links is spread. On the website, you can write about the topic of web design, web development, and graphic design. For the English-language website, you could be a guest writer on other websites.

Organic Traffic

Promotion of your blog or telling your friends on social media is very effectively to increase visitors to your blog. Moreover, the current social media is very often used by users to socialize. You can use the media to promote your blog. Blog comments can be said to be ninja strategy where you can insert your blog link when commenting blog that you visit. However, the most important thing is to give normal and positive comments. Do not just leave a comment to aim to insert a link. This is greatly disliked by the blog owner. Being active in the forum is very remarkable. Media is a media forum discussion in which each people involved to increase visitors. You can write your blog information and link your blog address to a lot of people to the forum. If the information is about a blog conversation, you will get very remarkable visitors.

Organic Traffic Conclusion

By optimizing your blog Title, Description, and keywords in your blog, then unconsciously you will get ranked in SEO. SEO is a method where your website will get ranked in Google on keyword searches. The more optimized your keywords, the more likely you are to get ranked. Yes, this advertising method makes you spend a budget to get your blog visitors. Of course with careful planning, you can use widely used Facebook ads and Google Ad words advertisers to increase visitors. The more budget you spend, the greater visitors who come to your blog.