paid vs organic traffic

Free and Paid Ways in Increasing Visitors

Are you a blogger that wants to increase the number of your visitors? It is not easy to increase visitors but, when you are talking about it, you have to think about two things that have been the main idea of increasing your blog’s traffic. They are contents and how you build the community.

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Blogging is not something about writing and then publish the post with your ideas but, now it is more than writing. It is more than a business too. You need to expand your mindset that blogging should be beyond a hobby. With your skill in blogging, you can start everything online.

You can be an online seller, a web owner that runs in news, tips or anything else. When it has come to business and income, you may not be able to focus on building your readers’ community and content, but also sometimes, you need to pick a strategic way to increase the visitors.

It is not easy to build the strategy. In SEO system, indeed content is the king. The way you spread the content is important too. You cannot leave it. You have to be careful with it when you have come to increase and improve your online business. You may believe about fame on your blog, but it is not as simple as that in business.

You can get the visitors for free but if you want to get it more and earn more incomes, you have to pay. It is in your hand whether you want to increase visitors for free or paid ways. There are a thousand ways you can do to increase, it depends on your reach and your skill in doing that.

You don’t need to dream too high to reach certain millions of views and pay thousand dollars. You just need to start from the simplest thing. To get maximum result of increasing visitors, you may need to read our tips below to make you sure about the ease in boosting your page view.

Increasing visitors for free

As we have mentioned before that you can increase the number of your visitors through freeways. There are many ways to increase without spending any single penny. The only issue that you have to maintain in doing this free and simple way in increasing visitors is that you need to be consistent and you need to maintain it. Here are the free ways to increase visitors.

  • Blog walking

It is an activity that needs high consistency and you only need to keep walking from one blog to another blog. You leave comments on the blogs and you can leave your blog URL in the comment section. You have to make it politely and never spam a blog you visited. In some cases, you will be blocked by a blog owner you give spam. The best way to make healthy blog walking is to ensure that you have good communication with blog owner you have visited. You have to take the chance carefully and make your maximum effort in keeping visiting and leaving a comment on the blog.

  • Sharing through social media

Indeed, you need to make a good content when you are going to use social media for increasing your visitors. You can use social media share button in your blog post and make sure that you have to follow the trending if you want to get more share numbers.

  • Social bookmarking site

There are many social bookmarking sites that you can put or save your blog URL there. It is claimed that it can be effective if it follows good contents.

Increasing visitors through paid ways

Some people may say that paid ways are more powerful but it depends on your skills no matter how cheap and how expensive you need to pay the advertising to increase visitors. There are several ways you can apply for your blog if you really into this blogging business.

  • Social media advertising

One of the best ways to increase visitors through paid ways is using social media advertising. You can use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep your site in good visitors. Those social media will help you to target right market of visitors you can pick through your targeting skill. Facebook may be the biggest social media platform to increase visitors. Moreover, the price of Facebook ads is pretty affordable. You can explore your targeting skill here.

  • PPC advertising

Another legit way to increase your visitors is through PPC, The biggest place for PPC is Google Adwords. There have been many positive comments about this as their site get visitor’s bomb after using Google for PPC. The best way to get a legit place on where you should put your ads, just use Adwords and let them do their job and make your site bigger and bigger through Google smart ways to put your ads.