3 Things You Have to Do in Increasing Visitors

increase website traffic 3 tips

When we are hearing about increasing visitors‘ blog, it’ always nice to talk and to dream about it. Getting a high number of visitor is everyone’s dream. It will sound so legit if you are a newbie in blogging. Everyone knows how happy it will be when every day there’s an increasing number of views. It’s common if some newbie bloggers feel instant and high happiness when they know that there are many people visit and read their blog. Moreover, when they are still a newbie, but they think that they can beat all the competitors, it will be greater feeling.

Having high traffic is such a good award for blogger. The best way to measure how good your blog is to see your visitors and how long they visit your blog. If there are so many visitors but the minutes to read is less, that is less powerful than those who visit but have long minutes to read in a blog.

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Traffic and SEO are important and you cannot underestimate those things because they are component key in increasing visitors. SEO is the most common term for those people that have known about blogging and strategy in online marketing.

If SEO has a strong relation to your traffic, then you have to optimize it. You have to think hard about how to make it a good weapon to increase visitors. It is not easy but, you can learn and make sure that everything can be studied as long as you can learn well and consistent in learning new things in blogging. Here we are going to tell you about 3 things you have to do in increasing visitors.

  1. Optimize the search engine

Most of the people understand the fact that search engine is 70% source for visitors to find your blog. Mostly blog can get their 70% visitors from search engine. The biggest search engine is Google, but you can optimize at any kind of search engine because each of them has a different way to optimize the strategy. The common way to get the visitors from a search engine is by improving your contents and your SEO on the page or off the page that you have to learn more to master it because, it can be good things or even investment for your further project. We all know that it is not easy to learn about SEO but when we have will, we can do including you. You don’t need to worry about the way to learn, you just need to keep being consistent. You can start making keyword density, AdWords ads, good tagging and labeling at the blog. Those are just simple tips in increasing visitors through search engine

  1. Optimize the use of social media

There are many social media you can use to optimize your SEO and blog visitors. Social media is the best source for any kind of topic and you can do it manually that we know it is free and do by hiring service that sometimes you as a newbie needs to think twice about getting the right service to optimize the use of social media. You can do it for free or even you can do it with payment and the service will be sent or processed by the expert of maximizing the power of social media. You don’t need to care about the price when you choose social media ads because for a day, you need to prepare the other needs you cannot leave. Facebook provides less than a dollar for a day for advertising. You also can use social bookmarking sites to increase visitors’ blog. There have been many social media that now interested to make good ads; you can try Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. You just need to contact for help and they will get directed to their ads system.

  1. Referred sites

The last way to increase visitors is through referred sites. You can do like blog walking. You don’t need to worry about the times you will spend because the result is beyond your expectation. It is indeed taking so long to do blog walking but, when you can be consistent in making it until you get more traffic from there. Imagine if you can do at least 20 or more blog walking, you can taste the good result after it.