3 Things You Have to Do in Increasing Visitors

3 Things You Have to Do in Increasing Visitors

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When we are hearing about increasing visitors‘ blog, it’ always nice to talk and to dream about it. Getting a high number of visitor is everyone’s dream. It will sound so legit if you are a newbie in blogging. Everyone knows how happy it will be when every day there’s an increasing number of views. It’s common if some newbie bloggers feel instant and high happiness when they know that there are many people visit and read their blog. Moreover, when they are still a newbie, but they think that they can beat all the competitors, it will be greater feeling. Having high traffic is such a good award for blogger. The best way to measure how good your blog is to see your visitors and how long they visit your blog. If there are so many visitors but the minutes to read is less, that is less powerful than those who visit but have long minutes to read in a blog. Traffic and SEO are important and you cannot underestimate those things because they are component key in increasing visitors. SEO is the most common term for those people that have known about blogging and strategy in online marketing. If SEO has a strong relation to your traffic, then you have to optimize it. You have to think hard about how to make it a good weapon to increase visitors. It is not easy but, you can learn and make sure that everything can be studied as long as you can learn well and consistent in learning new things in blogging. Here we are going to tell you about 3 things you have to do in increasing visitors.

  1. Optimize the search engine

Most of the people understand the fact that search engine is 70% source for visitors to find your blog. Mostly blog can get their 70% visitors from search engine. The biggest search engine is Google, but you can optimize at any kind of search engine because each of them has a different way to optimize the strategy. The common way to get the visitors from a search engine is by improving your contents and your SEO on the page or off the page that you have to learn more to master it because, it can be good things or even investment for your further project. We all know that it is not easy to learn about SEO but when we have will, we can do including you. You don’t need to worry about the way to learn, you just need to keep being consistent. You can start making keyword density, AdWords ads, good tagging and labeling at the blog. Those are just simple tips in increasing visitors through search engine

  1. Optimize the use of social media

There are many social media you can use to optimize your SEO and blog visitors. Social media is the best source for any kind of topic and you can do it manually that we know it is free and do by hiring service that sometimes you as a newbie needs to think twice about getting the right service to optimize the use of social media. You can do it for free or even you can do it with payment and the service will be sent or processed by the expert of maximizing the power of social media. You don’t need to care about the price when you choose social media ads because for a day, you need to prepare the other needs you cannot leave. Facebook provides less than a dollar for a day for advertising. You also can use social bookmarking sites to increase visitors’ blog. There have been many social media that now interested to make good ads; you can try Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. You just need to contact for help and they will get directed to their ads system.

  1. Referred sites

The last way to increase visitors is through referred sites. You can do like blog walking. You don’t need to worry about the times you will spend because the result is beyond your expectation. It is indeed taking so long to do blog walking but, when you can be consistent in making it until you get more traffic from there. Imagine if you can do at least 20 or more blog walking, you can taste the good result after it.

Free and Paid Ways in Increasing Visitors

paid vs organic traffic

Free and Paid Ways in Increasing Visitors

Are you a blogger that wants to increase the number of your visitors? It is not easy to increase visitors but, when you are talking about it, you have to think about two things that have been the main idea of increasing your blog’s traffic. They are contents and how you build the community.

We did a study with a trending MLM company to see how many visitors we could get per day for a week straight.

This is the company we used: http://aaronshara.com/divvee-rank-share-review.html

Blogging is not something about writing and then publish the post with your ideas but, now it is more than writing. It is more than a business too. You need to expand your mindset that blogging should be beyond a hobby. With your skill in blogging, you can start everything online.

You can be an online seller, a web owner that runs in news, tips or anything else. When it has come to business and income, you may not be able to focus on building your readers’ community and content, but also sometimes, you need to pick a strategic way to increase the visitors.

It is not easy to build the strategy. In SEO system, indeed content is the king. The way you spread the content is important too. You cannot leave it. You have to be careful with it when you have come to increase and improve your online business. You may believe about fame on your blog, but it is not as simple as that in business.

You can get the visitors for free but if you want to get it more and earn more incomes, you have to pay. It is in your hand whether you want to increase visitors for free or paid ways. There are a thousand ways you can do to increase, it depends on your reach and your skill in doing that.

You don’t need to dream too high to reach certain millions of views and pay thousand dollars. You just need to start from the simplest thing. To get maximum result of increasing visitors, you may need to read our tips below to make you sure about the ease in boosting your page view.

Increasing visitors for free

As we have mentioned before that you can increase the number of your visitors through freeways. There are many ways to increase without spending any single penny. The only issue that you have to maintain in doing this free and simple way in increasing visitors is that you need to be consistent and you need to maintain it. Here are the free ways to increase visitors.

  • Blog walking

It is an activity that needs high consistency and you only need to keep walking from one blog to another blog. You leave comments on the blogs and you can leave your blog URL in the comment section. You have to make it politely and never spam a blog you visited. In some cases, you will be blocked by a blog owner you give spam. The best way to make healthy blog walking is to ensure that you have good communication with blog owner you have visited. You have to take the chance carefully and make your maximum effort in keeping visiting and leaving a comment on the blog.

  • Sharing through social media

Indeed, you need to make a good content when you are going to use social media for increasing your visitors. You can use social media share button in your blog post and make sure that you have to follow the trending if you want to get more share numbers.

  • Social bookmarking site

There are many social bookmarking sites that you can put or save your blog URL there. It is claimed that it can be effective if it follows good contents.

Increasing visitors through paid ways

Some people may say that paid ways are more powerful but it depends on your skills no matter how cheap and how expensive you need to pay the advertising to increase visitors. There are several ways you can apply for your blog if you really into this blogging business.

  • Social media advertising

One of the best ways to increase visitors through paid ways is using social media advertising. You can use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep your site in good visitors. Those social media will help you to target right market of visitors you can pick through your targeting skill. Facebook may be the biggest social media platform to increase visitors. Moreover, the price of Facebook ads is pretty affordable. You can explore your targeting skill here.

  • PPC advertising

Another legit way to increase your visitors is through PPC, The biggest place for PPC is Google Adwords. There have been many positive comments about this as their site get visitor’s bomb after using Google for PPC. The best way to get a legit place on where you should put your ads, just use Adwords and let them do their job and make your site bigger and bigger through Google smart ways to put your ads.

How to Increase Visitors and Get More Organic Readers

How to Increase Visitors and Get More Organic Readers

organic traffic

Visitors to your blog are very important and very crucial for the sustainability of your blog or your online business. Why not? Imagine if you write a blog article but no one noticed or nobody visits your blog. Of course this is very uncomfortable. Okay, here are some ways to how to get visitors and to increase visitors to your blog.

You can be a guest on the website from famous writers. Being a guest writer on other websites is certainly not just a hobby of writing. However, you can make it as an entry point for other people to come to your website. Your website may not have been known. Writing on the website sometimes is like to do writing for yourself. It is not to be enjoyed by others because they do not know the existence of your website. Therefore, there is no harm in writing on websites that are well known or have the high enough traffic for you and at least for the readers of other websites. Usually if it is read, people will see who the author of this interesting article to increase visitors. If there is a link to your website on a website where you write, of course he will click and go to your website. In addition to becoming a guest author on another website, you can embed your website link on the website. It this can provide a good backlink to your website rankings. One website that you can use to write place where you can be a guest writer and put bio and website links is spread. On the website, you can write about the topic of web design, web development, and graphic design. For the English-language website, you could be a guest writer on other websites.

Organic Traffic

Promotion of your blog or telling your friends on social media is very effectively to increase visitors to your blog. Moreover, the current social media is very often used by users to socialize. You can use the media to promote your blog. Blog comments can be said to be ninja strategy where you can insert your blog link when commenting blog that you visit. However, the most important thing is to give normal and positive comments. Do not just leave a comment to aim to insert a link. This is greatly disliked by the blog owner. Being active in the forum is very remarkable. Media is a media forum discussion in which each people involved to increase visitors. You can write your blog information and link your blog address to a lot of people to the forum. If the information is about a blog conversation, you will get very remarkable visitors.

Organic Traffic Conclusion

By optimizing your blog Title, Description, and keywords in your blog, then unconsciously you will get ranked in SEO. SEO is a method where your website will get ranked in Google on keyword searches. The more optimized your keywords, the more likely you are to get ranked. Yes, this advertising method makes you spend a budget to get your blog visitors. Of course with careful planning, you can use widely used Facebook ads and Google Ad words advertisers to increase visitors. The more budget you spend, the greater visitors who come to your blog.

Solutions to Increase Visitors on your Websites

Solutions to Increase Visitors on your Websites

Good traffic is qualified visitors from search engines. This method is a simple technique to increase visitors to your website. You may be tired to make a good article but have no visitors. It is because you are drowning in sea articles of the search engine. Of course you’ve ever experienced it. It can happen because you are so ambitious to look for keywords with many competitors regardless of your ability to compete in cyberspace. There are two factors that cause your quality article does not violate the rules of Google and have empty visitors. The first cause is that your keywords destination indeed is not available in Google search engine. The second cause is the keyword that you take is too tough in competition. The solution that I will offer is actually a simple way. However, it can increase visitors to your blog or website very quickly. The trick is to do keyword research with free tools.

For example, you pursue keyword titled Political News. In Google, it may make more 14,000 visitors come to your website per month. However, you will have the heavy competition level to compete with the major media. Are you able to compete with the major media? Are you able to earn hundreds of thousands of backlinks? This is why your article is disappeared in a sea of ​​cyberspace. Your article has no visitors because they cannot compete with the already well-known major media. Make survey articles without keywords to increase visitors, not based on data, and only by feeling make the visitors empty. Creating articles that have many visitors quickly can be done by doing research keyword first. You make a nice long article without doing the survey can results failure. It is because your keywords have too many competitors. Besides, the keywords that you aim are nothing in the search engine such as Google. A treasure for bloggers is when finding keywords with a lot number of visitors but the level of competition is low. There is a tool that can research that keyword and the level of competition. One example to increase visitors is called keyword revealer tool. In the past few months, it was closed. However, now it is opened again.

The way you register is by completing a full name, the name of the username, password, repeat password, email address, and write posts on captcha. Open your email admin then see the link provided. The trial version is valid for one month and every day have a chance to do research for three keywords. Sample keywords and its difficulty are low competition. Once you scroll down to view the articles, you have been successfully occupied the first page of Google and it looks heavy competition to increase visitors. Keyword Revealer is proved worth by creating a blog. The contents of the article make hundreds of the visitors every day. The disadvantage of this tool is the keyword that we get with a lot number of visitors and few competitors sometimes do not take control in that area so it’s hard to make a good quality article.

The second way is the simplest way. It is to look for keywords with little visitors each month. Try to use Google keyword planner. Choose it from searching per month on average 10-100 to increase visitors. After that, find the level of low competition and the recommended empty bid column. This method is suitable for beginners and already has a niche blog. Just multiply the number of articles with a little search volume. Do not dismiss this method because it has the advantage. Your articles with no visitors from the search engines will be considered well. The second is when the quality of your article will rise to a level of 100 – 1000 searching.

How To Increase Visitors in Natural Ways

increase website visitors

How To Increase Visitors in Natural Ways

There are many ways to increase visitors to your website or blog without breaking the rules. Black hat SEO methods are often done to increase visitor traffic quickly, but after that many people are regretted because the sites actually got banned by Google. Do not even try to fool Google and other search engines. Although it is successful, it will not last long. You yourself will feel sorry when your sites are kicked. Therefore, if you want to bring more visitors to your website, do the correct and legal ways. Do not violate the rules of Google. Here are some ways that you can do to bring your sites in more visitors.

Increasing Visitors

Create good quality content to increase visitors. How to effectively increase website traffic is through good content. I am sure everyone would know this. However, sometimes people still ignore this. This content is a very important. Here we will remind you back to continue to provide the best content that you can give to visitors there. Therefore, visitors will definitely come to your sites and in the future they will look back on the topic. This would make your website walk on its own without any encouragement from the owners. It is because the strength of content can make other people turn on your website and to increase visitors.

Include the website address in the Email Signature. It may be seen as a small and simple step. However, the effect could be passable. The additional link in your email signature (usually located at the bottom of every email that you send) certainly makes your website address recognizable to others, at least by the people you’re emailing. Besides, you have to make a relationship with other bloggers. Having many friends means having a lot of sustenance. If you want a lot of sustenance, you have to build more relationships, according to religion. This also applies to making website or blogging. Multiply the good relationships to increase visitors with other bloggers so they can become loyal customers of the articles on your website. There are many ways to establish good relationships with other bloggers, knowing each other, commenting to each other, greeting each other, and helping each other even for sale.

SEO Visitors

Share your article. Do not forget to share articles to various places. You can share all articles to all social media that you have such as Facebook and Twitter. Besides, it could be to the social bookmarking websites such as Technorati. You can also put your article in a forum. Remember, do not do spamming and do not overdo it. Just do it in effective naturally ways to increase visitors. Besides you also do not just think about SEO. If you’re looking for ways to get more traffic to your web, you will be easy to focus on search engine traffic and the SEO techniques that aim only to get more out of it. However, search engines are not the only sources that bring readers to your blog. In fact, some bloggers do the mediocre without thinking about SEO blog. They only concentrate on building a business and create good and useful content to the reader. It is ironic that a website like that has a higher ranking on Google than you painstakingly perform various SEO techniques to increase visitors. Though SEO is in fact not everything, you do not need to pay more for SEO services. Do not waste a lot of time to implement SEO techniques that are not necessarily successful. Quite simply, if you are using a platform for your website, you’re already in good shape and already on the right track. Some platforms already have a good system to help you. It is enough to do some setting such as making the right article title and good quality content, perform permalink settings, and install plugins such as SEO Pack. Other plugins can make it easier to set the tags to increase visitors. Understanding the basics of SEO is enough such as using keywords in your title and building links between pages. It can make your website to be on the right track and like by the readers of your website, and of course also liked by Google.

We wish you further understand and know that the main strength is in its content website. Make the useful content that can be useful to the readers.

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